Protecting Wildlife and Wilderness

MWCT funds and operates an array of conservation programs aimed at protecting wilderness and wildlife here in East Africa.

Our success comes from promoting sustainable economic benefits to the local Maasai community, thereby encouraging their active participation as stewards of our critical ecosystem here in the Chyulu Hills of Kenya.

Conservation programs include wildlife research & protection with over 100 Rangers employed to combat poaching and illegal activities, lion monitoring & tracking led by a group of young Maasai warriors called Simba Scouts, a predator protection initiative through a successful compensation program called Wildlife Pays (one of the first on it’s kind), land conservancies, an ecotourism partner Campi ya Kanzi, and the first REDD+ Carbon Project in the area that has sold its first credits in 2017 to Tiffany&Co. 

The question is, are we happy to suppose that our grandchildren may never be able to see an elephant except in a picture book? – David Attenborough – 

Work has begun on developing and implementing further Payment for Ecosystem Services conservation programs aimed at sustainable use of the critical watershed and water resources in the area. MWCT implements proper grassland management practices among the pastoralists and has initiated active participatory rangeland restoration projects with the Maasai women.

MWCT is the largest employer in the Kuku with the majority of all staff coming from the local Maasai community.

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